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***** 注意事項 ******

1. 部分花色是預購商品,最長等待時間為3個月,請自行評估等待時間,下單即為同意等待。

2. 預購商品結帳時,請選擇 [ 預 購 專 用 ] 以避免漏單,貨到後另行通知。

3. 請 不要 將預購商品與現貨商品同時結帳。預購商品通常需要較長的等待時間:如果將這些商品放在一起結帳,則所有商品會一起在預購商品到達後才出貨。

**Important Note**

1. There some prints are pre-order. The maximum waiting time is 3 months. Please evaluate the waiting time by yourself. You consent to wait, when you ordered.

2. Please do not place preorder items within the same order as in stock items. Preorder items take 2-3 months usually , if the items are placed together, all products will only be shipped once the preorder item has arrived.

3. We do offer international shipping, shipping rates will be calculated separately, please contact us via email ( [email protected] ) prior to placing your order if you wish to check on the shipping rate before ordering.

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